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Get to know Dr Lesya Anna:
Chiropratic Doctor
Award winning Graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Dr Lisa A Chlysta), with an award in Pain Research Science. Active practice for close to a decade. 
Acupuncture Doctor
Certified by Canadian Medical Association of Acupuncture. Energy is an undeniable invisible component of healing. 

Integrative Nutrition
Certified as an Integrative Nutrition Coach.  Nutrition as a vehicle to greater clarity, focus and energy + mind body meditations that create lasting change for healing. 
Source Energy Mastery
Certifying with Dr B, double board certified MD, This is my truest skill + passion. I ONLY focus on the meditation + energetic focus and guide people tp0 heal + empower from unbreakable connection to Source Energy + Manifest powerful,  unstoppable wins! 

What I offer NOW: 
The Connected Universe Film
Dr Lesya became executive producer of this global sensation, in over 130 countries and now in 6 languages! Gather to watch this groundbreaking movie!  
Come Alive 3 Day Energy Upgrade 
Test it out! This is our mini course, here for you when you want to see if this is for you. If you don't experience a difference, it's free! 
Come Alive Life Transformation System
Coming Soon! Sign up + Ask all your questions as Dr Lesya offers this rare opportunity to dive deep every Wednesday 1 pm PST on line, in the comfort of your home or office and dramatically expand your potential for incredible life results in any area of your life!
Dec 5, 2018 
Premiere Screening with Chinese Subtitles
Ready To Take Things To The Next Level?
FREE E book - How to Rock your Energy to Manifest like a Master! 
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